Donate to the YMCA

Today, our communities face rapid growth and complex social issues. Our residents struggle with the need for improved health, education, and social services. Our young people are not being challenged to live to their fullest potential.

Your donations can help us address these challenges by building strong kids, strong families and strong communities.

Make a single gift

Right now countless young people are frantically searching for somewhere safe to sleep tonight. Make a one-off donation and answer to a young person calling for help, securing them a warm bed for the night and a hot meal at YMCA.

To make a donation by text

Please text YMCA05 followed by the amount you want to donate (£1, £3, £5, or £10) to 70070.
For example, to donate £3 you would text YMCA05 £3. You can donate up to £30 on any one day.

All the money you donate goes to YMCA and your network provider does not charge you for the SMS.

Or donate by PayPal

Thank you!