Alternative Education Provision

The main aim of our work is to move young people from a state of dependence to one of independence and helping them to secure positive outcomes by offering them a bespoke educational and pastoral package which is tailored to the individual, we do not take a one size fits all approach. Teaching such a diverse range of young people has taught us that all pupils need individual and tailored support and that young people are unique and should be valued. We firmly believe that teachers are key figures in their lives and can make a difference in all aspects of their learning.

Our teaching styles are based upon communication and rapport and the use of interpersonal skills and we pride ourselves on building effective, worthwhile and respected relationships with our pupils. We endeavour to use such skills in all situations to achieve a “win win” outcome, even with behaviour and dialogue which more challenging. We believe that communication and the genuine use of empathy is a key aspect in the learning experience of a child and it allows each person to be treated as the individual that they are. Classroom management and discipline is based on rapport and two way dialogue, with the use of positive reinforcement, When needed we take a firm but fair approach and ensure consistency on every occasion.

All programmes can be defined and developed to suit the needs of your learner. We bespoke tailored educational packages which can include mentoring services, one on one GCSE support, accredited courses, assessments, Activities for  working on key skills such as team working, communication, problem solving etc. Learning needs analyses will be undertaken on each student to determine the gap between their existing skills, knowledge and abilities also those that are needed for the learner to function at the desired level. Once this gap is determined, decisions can be taken as to the type of cost.

For more information please contact: or contact on 0191 385 5514